リサーチユニット総覧(Research Unit Magazine)

新たな学問領域の確立と教育への 展開を目指す
国際公共政策研究リサーチユニットFor the establishment of new academic disciplines and their application to education

代表者 : 五十嵐 泰正    
他のメンバー : 黄 順姫  近藤 康史  古田 博司  森 直人  柏木 健一  
キーワード: グローバリゼーション、国際人口移動、危機管理、社会保障、地域振興







 社会学分野、国際関係分野といった伝統的なディシプリンとは一味違う、新たな視座を持った学生養成カリキュラムを構築しました。我々の活動は、教育の質的な向上を目指した専攻FD活動(Faculty Development)とも連動しています。内外の研究者と実践的な課題解決に向けた議論を深めていくだけでなく、特に大学院教育への展開を重視したことが大きな特徴です。各メンバーの企業、自治体、NGO、マスメディアなどとの協働的な経験をフィードバックし、実践




  • 2014.6.25 2014 年度第1回研究会
  • 2014.9.24 2014 年度第2回研究会
  • 2014.10.29 2014 年度第3回研究会
  • 2014.12.26 2014 年度公開研究会(宮内泰介・北海道大学教授を招聘)
  • 2015.1.28 2014 年度第5回研究会
  • 2015.3.19 2014 年度第6回研究会


For the establishment of new academic disciplines and their application to education

Unit representative : Igarashi Yasumasa    
Unit members : Whang Soon-Hee  Kondo Yasushi  Furuta Hiroshi  Mori Naoto  Kashiwagi Kenichi  

Unit name: Studies of International Public Policy

Key words: globalization, international migration, crisis management, social security, regional development



      Policies developed and implemented at the global, area, national, local, and other levels are closely related to each other. The research unit: “Studies of International Public Policy”, led by Professor Igarashi, a specialist in urban sociology and international migration, aims to establish a discipline of “international public policies” and promote practical education in graduate schools by discussing appropriate publicness in modern society from multiple perspectives.



Cross-sectional collaboration among existing academic disciplines

       The research unit, consisting of researchers from three fields: international studies, sociology, and politics, aims to establish “international public policies” as a new discipline by organically associating conventional disciplines with each other, rather than simply combining them, and focusing on the awareness shared by these practical and actual academic disciplines as well as their identities. In regular workshops, public issues, such as international migration, crisis management, regional development, and social security, were discussed, including how the research findings obtained by the members and their social practices can be positioned in the new discipline. The unit consists of researchers with different scopes who conduct analyses at varying levels, from local to global ones. Members of the unit were able to discuss these, while focusing on associations among different layers to which attention is usually not paid, and the sessions were inspiring.


Programs to help develop transferable skills

       We have developed curriculums with new perspectives for training students, which are distinguished from those in the fields of sociology, international relations, and other existing academic disciplines. Our activities are also related to Faculty Development, which aims to improve the quality of education. The unit holds discussions with researchers in Japan and those from other countries to develop practical methods for problem solution, and values the development of research in graduate education, as its notable characteristics. The research unit aims to train researchers to help them develop practical skills for problem solution, and develop education programs designed to educate people in various positions who participate in public activities for problem solution, based on feedback obtained from the experiences of its members collaborating with companies, local governments, NGOs, and mass media.

Figure 1: Conceptual diagram of the research unit: “International Public Policy Research”

Figure 1: Conceptual diagram of the research unit: “International Public Policy Research”


Social contributions and achievements
  • 2014.6.25: The first workshop in 2014
  • 2014.9.24: The second workshop in 2014
  • 2014.10.29: The third workshop in 2014
  • 2014.12.26: The public workshop in 2014 (invited Professor Taisuke Miyauchi of Hokkaido University)
  • 2015.1.28: The 5th workshop in 2014
  • 2015.3.19: The 6th workshop in 2014

Interviewed on July 7th, 2015