High Impact Papers

High Impact Papers

COTREでは、TOP1%の雑誌に掲載された論文、被引用数がTOP1%に入る論文をHigh Impact Papersと名づけています。このコーナーでは、筑波大学研究者が発表したHigh Impact Papersを紹介しています。



Here in COTRE, we define a High Impact Paper as a paper published in Top 1% Journals (decided by the journal ranking) and/or a paper whose number of citations ranked within top 1% in the world.

This section showcases High Impact Papers published by researchers affiliated to the University of Tsukuba.

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[日付で絞り込み]  年: 月: 
The Selaginella Genome Identifies Genetic Changes Associated with the Evolution of Vascular PlantsHigh Impact Papers  
Evidence for a mass dependent forward-backward asymmetry in top quark pair productionHigh Impact Papers  Physical Sciences  Physics and Astronomy  
ABA-mediated transcriptional regulation in response to osmotic stress in plantsAgricultural and Biological Sciences  High Impact Papers  Life Sciences  
Higher Harmonic Anisotropic Flow Measurements of Charged Particles in Pb-Pb Collisions at root s(NN)=2.76 TeVHigh Impact Papers  Physical Sciences  Physics and Astronomy  
Graphene and nanostructured MnO2 composite electrodes for supercapacitorsChemistry  High Impact Papers  Physical Sciences  
Kakusan4 and Aminosan: two programs for comparing nonpartitioned, proportional and separate models for combined molecular phylogenetic analyses of multilocus sequence dataHigh Impact Papers  
Frequent pathway mutations of splicing machinery in myelodysplasiaGeneral  Health Sciences  High Impact Papers  Life Sciences  Multidisciplinary  Physical Sciences  Social Sciences  
Heavy-quark production in p plus p and energy loss and flow of heavy quarks in Au plus Au collisions at root s(NN)=200 GeVHigh Impact Papers  Physical Sciences  Physics and Astronomy  
Hybrid Quantum Circuit with a Superconducting Qubit Coupled to a Spin EnsembleHigh Impact Papers  Physical Sciences  Physics and Astronomy  
New insights of tsunami hazard from the 2011 Tohoku-oki eventEarth and Planetary Sciences  High Impact Papers  Physical Sciences  
Assessment of individual radionuclide distributions from the Fukushima nuclear accident covering central-east JapanGeneral  High Impact Papers  Multidisciplinary  
Measurements of Higher Order Flow Harmonics in Au plus Au Collisions at root s(NN)=200 GeVHigh Impact Papers  Physical Sciences  Physics and Astronomy  
International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer Computed Tomography Screening Workshop 2011 ReportHealth Sciences  High Impact Papers  Medicine  
Synthesis of Thiophene- and Bithiophene-Based Alternating Copolymers via Pd-Catalyzed Direct C-H ArylationChemistry  High Impact Papers  Materials Science  Physical Sciences  
Porphyrins for dye-sensitised solar cells: new insights into efficiency-determining electron transfer stepsChemical Engineering  Chemistry  High Impact Papers  Materials Science  Physical Sciences  
Current status and future developments of endohedral metallofullerenesChemistry  High Impact Papers  Physical Sciences  
Comprehensive diagnostic criteria for IgG4-related disease (IgG4-RD), 2011Health Sciences  High Impact Papers  Medicine  
Japanese Society for Cancer of the Colon and Rectum (JSCCR) guidelines 2010 for the treatment of colorectal cancerHealth Sciences  High Impact Papers  Medicine  
Harmonic decomposition of two particle angular correlations in Pb-Pb collisions at root s(NN)=2.76 TeVHigh Impact Papers  Physics and Astronomy  
The sphingosine-1-phosphate transporter Spns2 expressed on endothelial cells regulates lymphocyte trafficking in miceHigh Impact Papers