High Impact Papers

High Impact Papers

COTREでは、TOP1%の雑誌に掲載された論文、被引用数がTOP1%に入る論文をHigh Impact Papersと名づけています。このコーナーでは、筑波大学研究者が発表したHigh Impact Papersを紹介しています。



Here in COTRE, we define a High Impact Paper as a paper published in Top 1% Journals (decided by the journal ranking) and/or a paper whose number of citations ranked within top 1% in the world.

This section showcases High Impact Papers published by researchers affiliated to the University of Tsukuba.

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[日付で絞り込み]  年: 月: 
Indefinite Self-Renewal of ESCs through Myc/Max Transcriptional Complex-Independent MechanismsBiochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology  High Impact Papers  
Effect of titanium powder loading in gas diffusion layer of a polymer electrolyte unitized reversible fuel cellChemistry  Energy  High Impact Papers  
Species and distribution of inorganic and organic phosphorus in enhanced phosphorus removal aerobic granular sludgeHigh Impact Papers  
An immunoglobulin-like receptor, Allergin-1, inhibits immunoglobulin E-mediated immediate hypersensitivity reactionsHigh Impact Papers  Immunology and Microbiology  Medicine  
A Synergistic System for Lithium-Oxygen Batteries in Humid Atmosphere Integrating a Composite Cathode and a Hydrophobic Ionic Liquid-Based ElectrolyteChemistry  High Impact Papers  Materials Science  Physical Sciences  
Spatial variability of throughfall under a single tree: Experimental study of rainfall amount, raindrops, and kinetic energyAgricultural and Biological Sciences  High Impact Papers  
Ultrahigh-temperature metamorphism in the Achankovil Zone: Implications for the correlation of crustal blocks in southern IndiaEarth and Planetary Sciences  High Impact Papers  
Muscarinic-3 acetylcholine receptor autoantibody in patients with systemic sclerosis: Contribution to severe gastrointestinal tract dysmotilityBiochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology  High Impact Papers  Immunology and Microbiology  Medicine  
Nature of accretion related to Paleo-Tethys subduction recorded in northern Thailand: Constraints from mélange kinematics and illite crystallinityEarth and Planetary Sciences  High Impact Papers  
Formation and characterization of hydrogen boride sheets derived from MgB2 by cation exchangeBiochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology  Chemical Engineering  High Impact Papers  
Study on a fixed zeolite bioreactor for anaerobic digestion of ammonium-rich swine wastesChemical Engineering  Energy  Environmental Science  High Impact Papers  
Expansion of functional human mucosal-associated invariant T cells via reprogramming to pluripotency and redifferentiationBiochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology  High Impact Papers  
Scale up of a novel tri-substrate fermentation for enhanced production of Aspergillus niger lipase for tallow hydrolysisChemical Engineering  Energy  Environmental Science  High Impact Papers  
Foxl3 is a germ cell-intrinsic factor involved in sperm-egg fate decision in medakaHigh Impact Papers  Multidisciplinary  
Highly Uniform Bilayer Graphene on Epitaxial Cu-Ni(111) AlloyChemical Engineering  High Impact Papers  
Geologic and metamorphic evolution of the basement complexes in the Kontum Massif, central VietnamEarth and Planetary Sciences  High Impact Papers  
Utility of spectral vegetation indices for estimation of light conversion efficiency in coniferous forests in JapanAgricultural and Biological Sciences  High Impact Papers  
Growth inhibitory alkaloids from mesquite (Prosopis juliflora (Sw.) DC.) leavesAgricultural and Biological Sciences  Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology  High Impact Papers  
Overexpression of an Arabidopsis thaliana galactinol synthase gene improves drought tolerance in transgenic rice and increased grain yield in the fieldAgricultural and Biological Sciences  Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology  High Impact Papers  
Selective removal of cesium from aqueous solutions with nickel (II) hexacyanoferrate (III) functionalized agricultural residue-walnut shellEnvironmental Science  High Impact Papers