Computer Science

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Music composition system with human evaluation as human centered systemComputer Science  High Impact Papers  Mathematics  
Approach to pairing inversions without solving miller inversionComputer Science  High Impact Papers  Social Sciences  
Green DataPath for TCAM-Based Software-Defined NetworksComputer Science  Engineering  High Impact Papers  
Big Data Meet Green Challenges: Big Data Toward Green ApplicationsComputer Science  Engineering  High Impact Papers  
Big Data Meet Green Challenges: Greening Big DataComputer Science  Engineering  High Impact Papers  
Monitoring surface urban heat island formation in a tropical mountain city using Landsat data (1987–2015)Computer Science  Earth and Planetary Sciences  High Impact Papers  Physics and Astronomy  
Finite-Sample Analysis of Information Geometric Optimization with Isotropic Gaussian Distribution on Convex Quadratic FunctionsComputer Science  High Impact Papers  Mathematics  
Erratum to: A definition for I-fuzzy partitions (Soft Comput, 10.1007/s00500-010-0605-z)Computer Science  High Impact Papers  Mathematics  
Effects of Human Understanding of Automation Abilities on Driver Performance and Acceptance of Lane Change Collision Avoidance SystemsComputer Science  Engineering  High Impact Papers  
Preface of the guest EditorsComputer Science  High Impact Papers  Mathematics  
A simple and effective method for removing residual reflected skylight in above-water remote sensing reflectance measurementsComputer Science  Earth and Planetary Sciences  Engineering  High Impact Papers  
Dataset on the 6-year radiocesium transport in rivers near Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plantComputer Science  Decision Sciences  High Impact Papers  
Guest Editorial Emerging TechnologiesComputer Science  Engineering  High Impact Papers  
The moeadr package: A component-based framework for multiobjective evolutionary algorithms based on decompositionComputer Science  Decision Sciences  High Impact Papers  Mathematics  
Coding theorems for a (2,2)-threshold scheme with detectability of impersonation attacksComputer Science  High Impact Papers  Social Sciences  
Atomic predicates-based data plane properties verification in software defined networking using sparkComputer Science  Engineering  High Impact Papers  
Group Sparsity Tensor Factorization for Re-Identification of Open Mobility TracesComputer Science  Engineering  High Impact Papers  
Container loading for nonorthogonal objects: An approximation using local search and simulated annealingComputer Science  High Impact Papers  Mathematics  
Solution for textile nesting problems using adaptive meta-heuristics and groupingComputer Science  High Impact Papers  Mathematics  
Unified motion planner for fishes with various swimming stylesComputer Science  High Impact Papers