High Impact Papers

High Impact Papers

COTREでは、TOP1%の雑誌に掲載された論文、被引用数がTOP1%に入る論文をHigh Impact Papersと名づけています。このコーナーでは、筑波大学研究者が発表したHigh Impact Papersを紹介しています。



Here in COTRE, we define a High Impact Paper as a paper published in Top 1% Journals (decided by the journal ranking) and/or a paper whose number of citations ranked within top 1% in the world.

This section showcases High Impact Papers published by researchers affiliated to the University of Tsukuba.

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[日付で絞り込み]  年: 月: 
Lactosylated poly(ethylene glycol)-siRNA conjugate through acid-labile β-thiopropionate linkage to construct pH-sensitive polyion complex micelles achieving enhanced gene silencing in hepatoma cellsBiochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology  Chemical Engineering  Chemistry  High Impact Papers  Life Sciences  Physical Sciences  
Carbene additions to fullerenesChemistry  High Impact Papers  Physical Sciences  
State-of-the-art high-speed atomic force microscopy for investigation of single-molecular dynamics of proteinsChemistry  High Impact Papers  Physical Sciences  
Heavy cyclopropenes of Si, Ge, and Sn - A new challenge in the chemistry of Group 14 elementsChemistry  High Impact Papers  Physical Sciences  
Stable silyl, germyl, and stannyl cations, radicals, and anions: Heavy versions of carbocations, carbon radicals, and carbanionsChemistry  High Impact Papers  Physical Sciences  
Carbide cluster metallofullerenes: Structure, properties, and possible originChemistry  High Impact Papers  Physical Sciences  
Swimming with soft contact lenses: Danger of acanthamoeba keratitisHealth Sciences  High Impact Papers  Medicine  
TAS-102 monotherapy for pretreated metastatic colorectal cancer: A double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled phase 2 trialHealth Sciences  High Impact Papers  Medicine  
Irinotecan plus S-1 (IRIS) versus fluorouracil and folinic acid plus irinotecan (FOLFIRI) as second-line chemotherapy for metastatic colorectal cancer: A randomised phase 2/3 non-inferiority study (FIRIS study)Health Sciences  High Impact Papers  Medicine  
Low-dimensional boron nitride nanomaterialsEngineering  High Impact Papers  Materials Science  Physical Sciences  Physics and Astronomy  
Recent developments in the research of shape memory alloysChemistry  Engineering  High Impact Papers  Materials Science  Physical Sciences  
Hypothalamic orexin neurons regulate arousal according to energy balance in miceHigh Impact Papers  Life Sciences  Neuroscience  
Hypocretin/orexin excites hypocretin neurons via a local glutamate neuron - A potential mechanism for orchestrating the hypothalamic arousal systemHigh Impact Papers  Life Sciences  Neuroscience  
Genetic ablation of orexin neurons in mice results in narcolepsy, hypophagia, and obesityHigh Impact Papers  Life Sciences  Neuroscience  
Diversity revealed by a novel family of cadherins expressed in neurons at a synaptic complexHigh Impact Papers  Life Sciences  Neuroscience  
Integration and diversity of the regulatory network composed of Maf and CNC families of transcription factorsBiochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology  High Impact Papers  Life Sciences  
Functional role of AhR in the expression of toxic effects by TCDDBiochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology  Health Sciences  High Impact Papers  Life Sciences  Medicine  
PHENIX detector overviewHigh Impact Papers  Physical Sciences  Physics and Astronomy  
The Belle detectorHigh Impact Papers  Physical Sciences  Physics and Astronomy  
Sterol regulatory element-binding proteins (SREBPs): Transcriptional regulators of lipid synthetic genesBiochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology  High Impact Papers  Life Sciences