High Impact Papers

High Impact Papers

COTREでは、TOP1%の雑誌に掲載された論文、被引用数がTOP1%に入る論文をHigh Impact Papersと名づけています。このコーナーでは、筑波大学研究者が発表したHigh Impact Papersを紹介しています。



Here in COTRE, we define a High Impact Paper as a paper published in Top 1% Journals (decided by the journal ranking) and/or a paper whose number of citations ranked within top 1% in the world.

This section showcases High Impact Papers published by researchers affiliated to the University of Tsukuba.

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[日付で絞り込み]  年: 月: 
Deficiency of the hepatokine selenoprotein P increases responsiveness to exercise in mice through upregulation of reactive oxygen species and AMP-activated protein kinase in muscleHigh Impact Papers  
Long-term endothelin receptor antagonist administration improves alterations in expression of various cardiac genes in failing myocardium of rats with heart failureHigh Impact Papers  Medicine  
Lack of class II transactivator causes severe deficiency of HLA-DR expression in small cell lung cancerHigh Impact Papers  Medicine  
Estimating constituent concentrations in case II waters from MERIS satellite data by semi-analytical model optimizing and look-up tablesHigh Impact Papers  
Two separate periods of the LAI-VIs relationships using in situ measurements in a deciduous broadleaf forestAgricultural and Biological Sciences  Earth and Planetary Sciences  High Impact Papers  
Single administration of thrombopoietin prevents progression of liver fibrosis and promotes liver regeneration after partial hepatectomy in cirrhotic ratsHigh Impact Papers  Medicine  
Pathologic findings of lung tumors diagnosed on baseline CT screeningHigh Impact Papers  Medicine  
Field experiments to test the use of the normalized-difference vegetation index for phenology detectionAgricultural and Biological Sciences  Earth and Planetary Sciences  High Impact Papers  
Endogenous glucose production and glucose effectiveness in type 2 diabetic subjects derived from stable-labeled minimal model approachHigh Impact Papers  Medicine  
Evaluation of Stirling cooler system for cryogenic CO2 captureEnergy  Engineering  High Impact Papers  
Molecular analysis and biochemical classification of TDP-43 proteinopathyHigh Impact Papers  Medicine  
Association of STAT4 polymorphism with systemic sclerosis in a Japanese populationBiochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology  High Impact Papers  Immunology and Microbiology  Medicine  
Biobased polyimides from 4-aminocinnamic acid photodimerChemistry  High Impact Papers  Materials Science  
Identification of a novel member of the carboxylesterase family that hydrolyzes triacylglycerol: A potential role in adipocyte lipolysisHigh Impact Papers  Medicine  
Progressive supranuclear palsy presenting with primary progressive aphasia - Clinicopathological report of an autopsy caseHigh Impact Papers  Medicine  Neuroscience  
In vivo three-dimensional birefringence analysis shows collagen differences between young and old photo-aged human skinBiochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology  High Impact Papers  
Early Paleozoic tectonic evolution of the North Qinling orogenic belt: Evidence from geochemistry, phase equilibrium modeling and geochronology of metamorphosed mafic rocks from the Songshugou ophioliteEarth and Planetary Sciences  High Impact Papers  
Methane production from rice straw pretreated by a mixture of acetic-propionic acidChemical Engineering  Energy  Environmental Science  High Impact Papers  
Cytosolic ascorbate peroxidase 2 (cAPX 2) is involved in the soybean response to floodingAgricultural and Biological Sciences  Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology  High Impact Papers  
A smart nanoprobe based on fluorescence-quenching PEGylated nanogels containing gold nanopartlcles for monitoring the response to cancer therapyChemistry  High Impact Papers  Materials Science  Physics and Astronomy