High Impact Papers

High Impact Papers

COTREでは、TOP1%の雑誌に掲載された論文、被引用数がTOP1%に入る論文をHigh Impact Papersと名づけています。このコーナーでは、筑波大学研究者が発表したHigh Impact Papersを紹介しています。



Here in COTRE, we define a High Impact Paper as a paper published in Top 1% Journals (decided by the journal ranking) and/or a paper whose number of citations ranked within top 1% in the world.

This section showcases High Impact Papers published by researchers affiliated to the University of Tsukuba.

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[日付で絞り込み]  年: 月: 
Strategy of mitigating ammonium-rich waste inhibition on anaerobic digestion by using illuminated bio-zeolite fixed-bed processChemical Engineering  Energy  Environmental Science  High Impact Papers  
The basis of clinicopathological heterogeneity in TDP-43 proteinopathyHigh Impact Papers  Medicine  Neuroscience  
Lineage-affiliated transcription factors bind the Gata3 Tce1 enhancer to mediate lineage-specific programsHigh Impact Papers  Medicine  
Anomalous optical anisotropy induced by liquid crystallinity of poly(2,5-dialkoxy-p-phenylenebutadiynylene) using a conventional rubbing processEngineering  High Impact Papers  Materials Science  
Selective Reduction Mechanism of Graphene Oxide Driven by the Photon Mode versus the Thermal ModeEngineering  High Impact Papers  Materials Science  Physics and Astronomy  
The emergence of charge coherence in soft molecular organic semiconductors via the suppression of thermal fluctuationsHigh Impact Papers  Materials Science  Mathematics  Physics and Astronomy  
Ferrihydrite Particle Encapsulated within a Molecular Organic CageBiochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology  Chemical Engineering  High Impact Papers  
I-mibg myocardial scintigraphy for the diagnosis of dlb: A multicentre 3-year follow-up studyHigh Impact Papers  Medicine  
Arctic sea ice simulation in the PlioMIP ensembleEarth and Planetary Sciences  Environmental Science  High Impact Papers  
Seamless retrievals of chlorophyll-a from Sentinel-2 (MSI) and Sentinel-3 (OLCI) in inland and coastal waters: A machine-learning approachAgricultural and Biological Sciences  High Impact Papers  
SINC-seq: Correlation of transient gene expressions between nucleus and cytoplasm reflects single-cell physiologyAgricultural and Biological Sciences  Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology  High Impact Papers  
Economic evaluation of vaccination programme of 7-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine to the birth cohort in JapanBiochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology  High Impact Papers  Immunology and Microbiology  Medicine  
Development and evaluation of a lookup-table-based approach to data fusion for seasonal wetlands monitoring: An integrated use of AMSR series, MODIS, and LandsatAgricultural and Biological Sciences  High Impact Papers  
The role of humidity in associations of high temperature with mortality: A multicountry, multicity studyEnvironmental Science  High Impact Papers  Medicine  
Spectral unmixing model to assess land cover fractions in Mongolian steppe regionsAgricultural and Biological Sciences  Earth and Planetary Sciences  High Impact Papers  
Network meta-analysis of the relative efficacy of bariatric surgeries for diabetes remissionHigh Impact Papers  Medicine  
Extraordinary thermoelectric performance in MgAgSb alloy with ultralow thermal conductivityEnergy  Engineering  High Impact Papers  Materials Science  
Identification of secreted phosphoprotein 1 gene as a new rheumatoid arthritis susceptibility geneBiochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology  High Impact Papers  Immunology and Microbiology  Medicine  
Matched Shrunken Cone Detector (MSCD): Bayesian Derivations and Case Studies for Hyperspectral Target DetectionComputer Science  High Impact Papers  
Contribution of precipitates formed in fermentation liquor to the enhanced biogasification of ammonia-rich swine manure by wheat-rice-stone additionChemical Engineering  Energy  Environmental Science  High Impact Papers