Chemical Engineering

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Fractal-like kinetics of adsorption on heterogeneous surfaces in the fixed-bed columnChemical Engineering  Chemistry  Engineering  High Impact Papers  
Large Coercive Field of 45 kOe in a Magnetic Film Based on Metal-Substituted ϵ-Iron OxideBiochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology  Chemical Engineering  High Impact Papers  
Evaluation of hydrolysis-esterification biodiesel production from wet microalgaeChemical Engineering  Energy  Environmental Science  High Impact Papers  
Plant growth-promoting oligosaccharides produced from tomato wasteChemical Engineering  Energy  Environmental Science  High Impact Papers  
Enhancement of hydrolysis and acidification of solid organic waste by a rotational drum fermentation system with methanogenic leachate recirculationChemical Engineering  Energy  Environmental Science  High Impact Papers  
Ultrasound-assisted hydrolysis and acidogenesis of solid organic wastes in a rotational drum fermentation systemChemical Engineering  Energy  Environmental Science  High Impact Papers  
Optical doping: Active control of metal-insulator transition in nanowireChemical Engineering  Chemistry  Engineering  High Impact Papers  
A Metallo-molecular Cage That Can Close the Apertures with Coordination BondsBiochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology  Chemical Engineering  High Impact Papers  
Structural Monitoring of the Onset of Excited-State Aromaticity in a Liquid Crystal PhaseBiochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology  Chemical Engineering  High Impact Papers  
Nitroxyl radical-containing nanoparticles for novel nanomedicine against oxidative stress injuryChemical Engineering  Engineering  High Impact Papers  Materials Science  
Photocatalytic degradation of geosmin by Pd nanoparticle modified WO3 catalyst under simulated solar lightChemical Engineering  Chemistry  Engineering  High Impact Papers  
Ultrastrong, Transparent Polytruxillamides Derived from Microbial PhotodimersChemical Engineering  Chemistry  High Impact Papers  Materials Science  
Ultrafast dynamics of surface-enhanced Raman scattering due to Au nanostructuresChemical Engineering  Chemistry  Engineering  High Impact Papers  
Boron-Stabilized Planar Neutral π-Radicals with Well-Balanced Ambipolar Charge-Transport PropertiesBiochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology  Chemical Engineering  High Impact Papers  
Characteristic phonon spectrum of negative thermal expansion materials with framework structure through calorimetric study of Sc2M 3O12 (M = W and Mo)Chemical Engineering  Chemistry  High Impact Papers  Materials Science  
Reversible defect engineering of single-walled carbon nanotubes using scanning tunneling microscopyChemical Engineering  Chemistry  Engineering  High Impact Papers  
Comparative study for the effects of variable nutrient conditions on the biodegradation of microcystin-LR and concurrent dynamics in microcystin-degrading gene abundanceChemical Engineering  Energy  Environmental Science  High Impact Papers  
Photocatalytic degradation of lignin on synthesized Ag-AgCl/ZnO nanorods under solar light and preliminary trials for methane fermentationChemical Engineering  Energy  Environmental Science  High Impact Papers  
Effect of TiO2 nanoparticles on aerobic granulation of algal-bacterial symbiosis system and nutrients removal from synthetic wastewaterChemical Engineering  Energy  Environmental Science  High Impact Papers  
Cubic phase formation and interplay between alkyl chains and hydrogen bonds in 1,2-bis(4′-n-alkoxybenzoyl)hydrazines (BABH-n)Chemical Engineering  High Impact Papers  Materials Science