英語による科研費獲得支援2020 -KAKENHI Support for Non-Japanese Researchers 2020KAKENHI Support for non-Japanese Researchers in FY2020

KAKENHI Seminar for Non-Japanese Researchers July 7th, 2020 (July 8th, presentation materials uploaded)


   The CEGLOC FD committee will hold the second Kakenhi Seminar for non-Japanese Researchers.   The  seminar will be carried out though a Zoom meeting in English and is open to all faculty and researchers.  Please visit URL below and pre-register, then the organizer will send you the Zoom meeting later.





■ Date: Tuesday, July 7th, 2020
■ Time: 9:00-11:00 am
■ Venue: Zoom online meeting 

■ Seminar Program


              9:00-9:05 Welcome Remarks

              Assistant Professor Roxana Sandu (CEGLOC FD Committee Vice Chair)


              9:10-9:50  “Elements of a successful Kakenhi application from my experience”

              Professor Yuichi Ono (Humanities and Social Sciences)


              10:00-10:25 “What are the universal elements in application success stories?”

              Associate Professor Ruth Vanbaelen (Humanities and Social Sciences)


              10:30-10:50 “Available support for Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI) Application FY2021”

              University Research Administrator Shogo Kurihara (Research Administration/Management Office)


              10:50-11:00 Closing Remarks

              Assistant Professor Roxana Sandu (CEGLOC FD Committee Vice Chair)


Pre-registration required, please register from the URL below. 



 CEGLOC FD Committee Chair, Ruth Vanbaelen 
 Email: vanbaelen.ruth.gp[at]u.tsukuba.ac.jp ※Please replace [at] with @



(Updated on July 8th, the presentation materials uploaded)

You can download the presentation materials below link.



Previous seminar of the videos 

You can read the report and download the materials from the previous year’s seminar below link.



英語による科研費獲得支援2019 -KAKENHI Support for Non-Japanese Researchers July 22nd, 2019



You can watch the videos of the seminar at COTRE Channel in manaba.