英語による科研費獲得支援2019 -KAKENHI Support for Non-Japanese Researchers July 22nd, 2019KAKENHI Support for non-Japanese Researchers in FY2019

[New!] KAKENHI Help-Desk for Non-Japanese Researchers August 1st -September 20th

   <We noticed that the email address shown below was incorrect, which is now corrected.  Since our mistake must have caused inconvenience to those who apply for Kakenhi, we decided to extend our service period to Oct. 10th. >

We would sincerely hold an English Kakenhi Help-Desk from August 1st to Oct 10th.  Researchers who wish to apply for Kakenhi in this year please refer to the following instruction.


  • How: Please send your questions about Kakenhi application to
    uketsuke2[at]un.tsukuba.ac.jp (Please replace [at] with @)
    with possible time frames for you to visit us.
  • Place: 6th floor of the main administration building(Honbu-to) or your request places.


KAKENHI Seminar for Non-Japanese Researchers July 22nd, 2019

   We are pleased to be announced that KAKENHI Seminar for Non-Japanese Researchers will be held in July 22nd, Monday. The seminar will be organized by URA and the CEGLOC FD Committee, in co-organization with the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, and ICR.  We will update this page as more information come up.


■ Date: Monday, July 22nd, 2019
■ Time: 9:30-11:40 am
■ Venue: Special Conference Room, University Hall, 3rd floor

■ Program


9:30-10:00 “KAKENHI 101”
                   Ai Saito, URA, Research Administration/Management Office


10:10-10:50 “Perusal of a Successful Kakenhi Application”
                   Bruno Jactat, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


11:00-11:40 “Let’s Secure that Grant”
                   Hai-Tao Yu, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Library, Information and Media Science


A networking lunch will be held after the seminar. Participants are welcome to join (at their own expense, +/- JPY 1.000) but should register via the seminar registration form below.


The pre-registration site is closed, so please come to Special Conference Room directly. 

Presentation slides (PDF)

The presentation slides will be uploaded soon after the seminar finished.

   1 . “KAKENHI 101”  presented by Ai Saito

   2 . “Perusal of a Successful Kakenhi Application” presented by Bruno Jactat

   3 . “Let’s Secure that Grant”  presented by Hai-Tao Yu,

Last year’s videos of the seminar

You can watch the videos of the seminar at COTRE Channel in manaba.


Last year’s presentation slides (PDF)

Please do not share the following materials with people outside of University of Tsukuba

  1. Basics of KAKENHI and What’s New in FY2019 (Gakuta Toba)
  2. Bottom Up – My Experience in the KAKENHI System (Michael Lazarus)




 Shogo Kurihara, Research Administration/Management Office, ext. 4453
 Email: kurihara.shogo.gf[at]un.tsukuba.ac.jp ※Please replace [at] with @