創発的研究支援事業(2022)のURAによる獲得支援(申請書改善支援・ヘルプデスク・模擬ヒアリング)FOREST Program (SOHATSU) 2022: Proposal reviewing, helpdesk and arranging a mock interview


1. 創発的研究支援事業申請書改善支援・ヘルプデスク(2022)



「申し込む」のボタンをクリックし、統一認証IDで学内公募支援システム「u-Rad」にログインしてください。u-Radにログインすると「2022 創発的研究支援事業申請書改善支援・ヘルプデスク」ページに飛びますので、「申請者基本情報」を入力し、コメントを受けたい申請書原稿がある場合はアップロードしてください。最後に「提出」をクリックすることにより支援申し込みが完了します。コメントは中4日(営業日)以内に申込者にお返しします。



  • 7/  4(月)創発的研究支援事業申請書改善支援」申込期限
  • 7/  8(金)上記申込に対するURAからのコメント返却最終日
  • 7/13(水)学内締切(10:00)
  • 7/20(水)JSTへの提出期限 正午※厳守



2. 模擬ヒアリング審査のアレンジ





件名)創発的研究支援事業 模擬ヒアリングの申し込み

創発的研究支援事業 模擬ヒアリングに以下のとおり申し込みます。

・e-Rad登録時に選択した「研究分野(主・副 )/研究の内容」


Email : uketsuke2[at]un.tsukuba.ac.jp    Please replace [at] with @.



FOREST Program (SOHATSU) 2022: Proposal reviewing, helpdesk and arranging a mock interview


Research Administration/Management Office supports applications for the FOREST Program (SOHATSU).

1. Proposal Reviewing and Helpdesk

  • We believe that revision advice by colleagues who knows your research area well is most valuable. Our reviewing service is meant to complement such an expert-assisted revision.
  • To improve clarity and/or effectiveness of your proposal, we will make comments on your draft proposal via on-line meeting or e-mail.
  • We also provide helpdesk at which you can ask questions regarding character and scope of the program.

How to receive the service

  • Please click the “Registration” button below, and send the required information through “u-Rad” system.
  • Please upload your draft proposal with the same system, if you wish to receive comments on it.
  • You will get comments on your draft by URA in four business days.

 Schedule for the reviewing service (you can request Helpdesk anytime)


  • The deadline for requesting reviewing service:  July 4
  • Date by which you will receive our comments:  July 8
  • Internal (university) deadline: 10:00 am, July 13
  • Deadline for submitting to JST: 12:00 noon, July 20


* We work only on weekdays. Requests during holidays will be handled on weekdays after the holidays.

2. Mock interview

  • We arrange a mock interview in which experts in the field serve as mock reviewers. Please e-mail us at (uketsuke2 [at] un.tsukuba.ac.jp) to receive the service.


Gakuta Toba and Chen Chen
email: uketsuke2[at]un.tsukuba.ac.jp   Please replace [at] with @.

* We may work from home. Please use e-mail for inquiries.