KAKENHI Application Support for Non-Japanese Researchers – FY2022 Call 英語による科研費獲得支援 – 2022年度採用分

KAKENHI Strategic Guidebook (English version) was posted!

We have completed the Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research(KAKENHI) Strategic Guidebook (English version) by the staff in charge of research management work, mainly URAs from several universities.


This guidebook provides the latest information on KAKENHI, how to write applications, and evaluation criteria in light of this year’s call for applications, to support the research of foreign researchers at Japanese universities and other research institutions.

We hope this guidebook will be helpful to researchers who are considering applying for KAKENHI in English and those involved in supporting their research.


Please download from the following website.





Slides and videos of both KAKENHI seminars (July 6 and July 28) are now available!

Slides and videos shared on manaba

KAKENHI Seminar on July 6, 2021 (Given by Researchers in Humanities and Social Sciences)
KAKENHI Seminar on July 28, 2021 (Given by Researchers in Natural Sciences)

How to register yourself for “COTRE Channel”

  1. Access to manaba
  2. Click on the “registration and search for course” menu located in the right column, and search with the course code “xx16020”
  3. Click “COTRE channel” and register yourself.

You can also register yourself from the link below:



This year Research Administration/Management Office will hold two seminars on Grant-in-Aid for Scientific (KAKENHI) in English. It will include an introduction to KAKENHI as well as a discussion on best practices of application.

One taking place on July 6th will be given by faculties studying humanities and social sciences, and the other on July 28th by those in natural science disciplines.
All researchers who are considering applying for KAKENHI in English are encouraged to attend either or both.

●KAKENHI Seminar on July 6 (Given by Researchers in Humanities and Social Sciences) 

Please visit the URL below and pre-register by July 4. Then we will send you the Zoom meeting link later.



 CEGLOC FD Committee Chair, Ruth Vanbaelen 
 Email: vanbaelen.ruth.gp[at]u.tsukuba.ac.jp ※Please replace [at] with @

3rd Kakenhi Seminar for Non-Japanese Researchers

●KAKENHI Seminar on July 28 (Given by Researchers in Natural Sciences)

Please visit the URL below. Then we will send you the Zoom meeting link later.

Pre-registration period is over. Please join the seminar by directly going to the Zoom Meeting Link below:

<Zoom Meeting Link>



Gakuta Toba
Research Administration/Management Office
E-mail: uketsuke1@un.tsukuba.ac.jp



Previous seminar of the videos 

You can read the report and download the materials from the previous year’s seminar below the link.



Other KAKENHI Seminars: KAKENHI Writing Seminar (Kyoto University)Here is some information from other universities.

If you are interested, please feel free to attend it! (Pre-registered is necessary)

KAKENHI Writing Seminar: Telling your research story effectively

[Registration and Contacts]

Registration link: https://forms.gle/mFkvw8raswVVAfgM8
Inquiry contact: ASHBi-acceleration[at]mail2.adm.kyoto-u.ac.jp

Please change [at] to @

KAKENHI Help Desk 2021 (“Revenge”, Early-career, and Non-Japanese)

To increase the chance of acceptance of Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, Research Administration/Management office will hold the KAKENHI Help Desk.

  • Application Period:   June 1st – June 30th , 2021 
  • Consultation Period: June 4th – July 9th , 2021