The University of Tsukuba Research Administration/Management Office

University Research Administrator Companions in Pursuing Knowledge and Innovation

URAs at the University of Tsukuba

The University of Tsukuba's URAs (Research Administrators) are specialized positions that are responsible for creating an environment and mechanisms that allow researchers to concentrate on their research and contributing to maximizing researcher performance and improving the university’s research capabilities.

URAs’ Value Proposition

The University of Tsukuba Research Administration/Management Office aims to build a research environment that enables researchers to perform their research at their best and proposes improvements after analyzing problems within the university, taking hints from successful precedents in Japan and other countries and national government policies. To assist in winning (interdisciplinary) research funding to accelerate research and expand the breadth of research, our basic knowledge incorporates global research trends and movements in national policy, and we work hard to offer support to optimize the appeal of research proposals.

  • Creating environment for concentrating on research

  • Expanding the breadth of research

  • Winning research funding

  • Promoting the Research Outcomes to Society

The University of Tsukuba Research Administration/Management Office has developed COTRE and RISS to be of use in winning research funding and securing research activity time, and the office broadcasts up-to-date information in collaboration with the Department of Research Promotion. The office also offers many contents to assist in research such as seminars and events to deepen relations between researchers.

Comments from Researchers

  • I met researchers in other fields and started new research collaborations!

  • I managed to win a travel funding!

  • I learned the know-how to writing Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research application forms!

  • My research results were covered on a news program!

Besides new proposals for URAs, we look forward to hearing feedback to the URAs.


The University of Tsukubaʼs URAs have a wide variety of backgrounds, including former researchers, former employees of private companies, experienced entrepreneurs and others. The diversity of personnel is our strength.

Activity Report

Broadcasting reports on URAs’ activities.

Support and Q&A

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