北原 格 / Kitahara, Itaru

計算科学研究センター 教授 / Professor, Center for Computational Sciences

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カメラ1台でバーチャル博物館をつくる「Remote Museum Explorer」 自由に視点を変えて展示物を楽しめる技術の開発 | 北原 格 | 筑波大学「知」活用プログラム 成果インタビュー
カメラ1台でバーチャル博物館をつくる「Remote Museum Explorer」 自由に視点を変えて展示物を楽しめる技術の開発 | 北原 格
新型コロナ研究支援 筑波大学「知」活用プログラムウェブサイトを公開
観察視点と解説文が連動するインタラクティブ提示により、バーチャル博物館などの探索活動の深化を目指す Deeper exploration of a virtual museum through interactive exhibitions linking multi-perspective observation and explanatory notes.
Disseminating Communication Support Devices and Systems to Realize a Society Where ASD Is Not Regarded as a Disability
最高度の3D-CG技術で実現する手術ナビゲーションと レアケースへの対応スキル向上
Surgical navigation realized by highest-level 3D-CG technology and improvement of skills dealing with rare cases
Live 3D video in soccer stadium
Interface and Interaction to Promote Human-Machine Collaboration
Creation of devices to support but not replace human eyes


論文 / Publication

  1. Tourist Participation in the Preservation of World Heritage – A Study at Bayon Temple in Cambodia – FumiyaKimura, YutakaIto, ToshiyaMatsui, HidehikoShishido, ItaruKitahara, YouheiKawamura, AtsuyukiMorishima Journal of Cultural Heritage 50 163 - 170 (2021)
  2. Pose Estimation of Multiple X-ray Cameras Using Planar Markers and Epipolar Consistency Shrestha, Pragyan, Shishido, Hidehiko, Yoshii, Yuichi, Kitahara, Itaru IEEE 3rd Global Conference on Life Sciences and Technologies (LifeTech2021) (2021)
  3. A Dense 3D Organ Modeling from a Laparoscopic Video Maekawa, Ryosuke, Shishido, Hidehiko, Kameda, Yoshinari, Kitahara, Itaru International Forums on Medical Imaging in Asia (IFMIA2021) (11792) (2021)
  4. Shot Detection Using Skeleton Position in Badminton Videos Yoshikawa, Yui, Shishido, Hidehiko, Masashi, Suita, Kameda, Yoshinari, Kitahara, Itaru International Workshop on Advanced Imaging Technology (IWAIT2021) (11766) (2021)
  5. Information Display Design on Turn-By-Turn Navigation for Visually Impaired People Ogahara, Koki, Shishido, Hidehiko, Kitahara, Itaru, Kameda, Yoshinari International Workshop on Advanced Imaging Technology (IWAIT2021) (11766) (2021)
  6. A New Verification Approach for Subjective Evaluation of Actions in HMD-VR with EEG Kameda, Yoshinari, Ferrer, Cesar Daniel Rojas, Ohnishi, Sho, Shishido, Hidehiko, Kitahara, Itaru International Workshop on Advanced Imaging Technology (IWAIT2021) (11766) (2021)
  7. Adaptive Image Scaling for Corresponding Points Matching between Images with Differing Spatial Resolutions Toriya, Hisatoshi, Dewan, Ashraf, Kitahara, Itaru IEEE Workshop on Human-in-the-Loop Methods and Future of Work in BigData (IEEE HMData) (2020)
  8. Interactive e-Book Linking Text and Multi-View Video Qiu, Xinyi, Shishido, Hidehiko, Sakamoto, Ryuuki, Kitahara, Itaru IEEE 9th Global Conference on Consumer Electronics (GCCE2020) 526 - 530 (2020)
  9. Accurate Overlapping Method of Ultra-Long Interval Time-Lapse Images for World Heritage Site Investigation Shishido, Hidehiko, Kawasaki, Emi, Kawamura, Youhei, Matsui, Toshiya, Kitahara, Itaru ACM JOURNAL ON COMPUTING AND CULTURAL HERITAGE 13 (2) 10 - 18 (2020)
  10. Making AI Machines Work for Humans in FoW Amer-Yahia, Sihem, Roy, Senjuti Basu, Chen, Lei, Morishima, Atsuyuki, Monedero, James Abello, Bourhis, Pierre, Charoy, Francois, Danilevsky, Marina, Das, Gautam, Demartini, Gianluca, Dubey, Abhishek, Elbassuon, Shady, Gross-Amblard, David, Hoareau, Emilie, Inoguchi, Munenari, Kenworthy, Jared, Kitahara, Itaru, Lee, Dongwon, Li, Yunyao, Mae Borromeo, Ria, Papotti, Paolo, Rao, Raghav, Roy, Sudeepa, Senellart, Pierre, Tajima, Keishi, Thirumuruganathan, Saravanan, Tommasi, Marion, Umemoto, Kazutoshi, Wiggins, Andrea, Yoshida, K ACM SIGMOD Record 49 (2) 30 - 35 (2020)
  11. Development of 3D rock fragmentation measurement system using photogrammetry Hyongdoo Jang, Itaru Kitahara, Youhei Kawamura, Yasunori Endo, Erkan Topal, Ryo Degawa, Samson Mazara 34 (4) 294 - 305 (2020)
  12. Method of Multiview Video Switching for Soccer Game Analysis in Large Scale Space Shishido, Hidehiko, Okada, Yosuke, Kameda, Yoshinari, Koido, Masaaki, Kitahara, Itaru ITE Transactions on Media Technology and Applications, 8 (2) 70 - 80 (2020)
  13. Read-the-game: System for skill-based visual exploratory activity assessment with a full body virtual reality soccer simulation Ferrer, Cesar Daniel Rojas, Shishido, Hidehiko, Kitahara, Itaru, Kameda, Yoshinari PLoS ONE 15 (3) (2020)
  14. Image-quality Improvement of Omnidirectional Free-viewpoint Images by Generative Adversarial Networks Takeuchi, Oto, Shishido, Hidehiko, Kameda, Yoshinari, Kim, Hansung, Kitahara, Itaru International Joint Conference on Computer Vision, Imaging and Computer Graphics Theory and Applications (VISAPP2020) 299 - 306 (2020)
  15. 「複合現実感8」特集号刊行にあたって 柴田,史久, 北原,格, 岩井,大輔, 内山,英昭, 天野,敏之 日本バーチャルリアリティ学会論文誌 25 (2) 107 - 107 (2020)
  16. Geometric Calibration of Projector Using a Mobile Camera for Spatial Augmented Reality Xie,Chun, Shishido,Hidehiko, Kameda,Yoshinari, Kitahara,Itaru 日本バーチャルリアリティ学会論文誌 25 (2) 138 - 147 (2020)
  17. Pitching Form Evaluation Based on Elbow Position by a Monocular Camera Naoto, Nohra, Hidehiko, Shishido, Kitahara, Itaru, Kameda, Yoshinari Proceedings of The International Workshop on Advanced Image Technology (IWAIT2020) (2020)
  18. Evaluation for Harmonic Location Estimation System of Image Retrieval and SLAM Yamasaki, Kohei, Hidehiko, Shishido, Kitahara, Itaru, Yoshinari, Kameda Proceedings of The International Workshop on Advanced Image Technology (IWAIT2020) (2020)
  19. バイヨン寺院における予防的保全に資する劣化・変形・環境観測システムの構築 川平, 洋平, 池田, 啓, 宍戸, 英彦, 河﨑, 衣美, 北原, 格, 丸太, 寛之, 里, 知樹, 松井, 敏也 月刊考古学ジャーナル 736 29 - 34 (2020)
  20. Application of Deep Learning Approaches in Igneous Rock Hyperspectral Imaging Sinaice, Brian Bino, Kawamura, Youhei, Kim, Jaewon, Okada, Natsuo, Kitahara, Itaru, Jang, Hyongdoo Proceedings of the 28th International Symposium on Mine Planning and Equipment Selection (MPES2019) 228 - 235 (2019)

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知財 / Intellectual properties

  1. 特願2016-008446 : 三次元被写体形状推定装置 Kitahara,Itaru
  2. 特願2007-193784 : 一般化ガウス分布と背景モデルの更新による前景抽出手法 キムハンソン, 坂本竜基, 北原格, 鳥山朋二, 小暮潔
  3. 特願2006-314485 : 複数の閾値による色情報付き映像における背景差分 キムハンソン, 坂本竜基, 北原格, 鳥山朋二, 小暮潔
  4. 特願2005-348455 : 人体内部情報投影システム 北原格, 野間春生, 小暮潔, 大田友一
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