BENTON Caroline Fern / Fern Benton, Caroline

ビジネスサイエンス系 教授 / Professor, Institute of Business Sciences

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新型コロナウイルスによる強制的な在宅勤務は、主観的な幸福・仕事の生産性・男性の役割にどのように影響したか? The Coronavirus and Mandatory Telework from Home: Effects on Regular Workers’ Subjective Well-being, New Male Roles, and Job Productivity


論文 / Publication

  1. Leveraging emotional contagion to support subjective well-being at work in Japan MAGNIER-WATANABE, Remy, Benton, Caroline, Orsini, Philippe, Uchida, Toru 2021 年国際戦略経営研究学会 123 - 126 (2021)
  2. Antecedents of Subjective Well-Being at Work for French Permanent Employees Orsini, Philippe, MAGNIER-WATANABE, Remy, Benton, Caroline, Uchida, Toru 2021 年国際戦略経営研究学会 127 - 130 (2021)
  3. Organizational Virtuousness, Subjective Well-Being, and Job Performance: Comparing Employees in France and Japan MAGNIER-WATANABE, Remy, Uchida, Toru, Orsini, Philippe, Benton, Caroline F Asia Pacific Business Review 12 (2) 115 - 138 (2020)
  4. Designing Jobs to Make Employees Happy? Focus on Job Satisfaction First. Re, Fern Benton, Caroline, Uchida, Toru, Orsini, Philippe Social Science Japan Journal 22 (1) 85 - 107 (2019)
  5. The Mediating ROle of Subjetive Well-being on Organizational Virtuousness and Job Performance Fern Benton, Caroline, Remy, Magnier-Watanabe, Orsini, Philippe, Uchida, Toru JOURNAL OF STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT STUDIES 10 (1) 5 (2018)
  6. The Mediating Role of Subjective Well-being on Organizational Virtuousness and Job Performance Fern Benton, Caroline, Mangier-Watanabe, Remy, Orsini, Philippe, Uchida, Toru JOURNAL OF STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT STUDIES (2018)
  7. グローバル・リーダーに求められる行動特性・育成方法・効果測定ー海外文献研究から読み取る研究課題の推移と展望ー Nagai, Hirohisa, キャロライン, ベントン, 椿広計, 木野泰伸 組織科学 50 (1) 25 - 35 (2016)
  8. グローバル・リーダーシップ・コンピテンシーの学習メカニズムに関する探索的研究 ベントン, キャロライン, 永井, 裕久, 椿, 広計, 木野, 泰伸 横幹 9 (1) 5 - 13 (2015)
  9. 米スマートグリッド市場参入の為の新しい競争戦略の策定 長塚, 明郎, ベントン, キャロライン 経営情報学会 全国研究発表大会要旨集 2012 999 - 999 (2012)
  10. A study of knowledge management enablers across countries Magnier-Watanabe, Remy, Benton, Caroline, Senoo, Dai KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT RESEARCH & PRACTICE 9 (1) 17 - 28 (2011)
  11. グローバル・リーダーシップ・コンピテンシー 永井裕久, ベントンキャロライン, BENTON, Caroline Fern Exploring Learning & Learning Theories in Asia (2011)
  12. A Hybrid Style of e-Learning in MBA Education Across Borders Caroline, Benton, Magnier-Watanabe, Remy, Herrig, Harrold, Aba, Olivier International Journal of Social Ecology and Sustainable Development 2 (3) 112-126 (2011)
  13. Blended Learning in MBA Education: A cross-cultural experiment Remy, Magnier-Watanabe, Caroline, Benton, Herrig, Harrold, Aba, Oliver Open Learning: The Journal of Open, Distance and e-Learning 26 (3) 253-263 (2011)
  14. A Study of the Effects of Commitment, Empowerment, Embeddedness on Knowledge Management in Japan Caroline, Benton, Remy, Magnier-Watanabe 6th Knowledge Management in Organizations Conference (KMO 2011), Tokyo, Japan (2011)
  15. Blended Learning: Bringing Remote Teams and Cross-Cultural Education into the Classroom Magnier-Watanabe, Remy, Benton, Caroline, Herrig, Harald, Aba, Olivier Educational Innovation in Economics and Business Conference (EDiNEB) 249-258 (2011)
  16. A Hybrid Style of E-learning in MBA Education: blending of synchronous/asynchronous learning and cross-cultural education for an international group of students Caroline, Benton, Remy, Magnier-Watanabe, Harald, Herrig, Olivier, Aba International Conference on Interactive Computer Aided Learning (2009)
  17. A Cross-country Comparison of the Enabling Factors of Knowledge Management Caroline, Benton, Remy, Magnier-Watanabe TJASSST 2009 (2008)
  18. Company Needs for Management Education in Japan Hiroe, Tsubaki, Hirohisa, Nagai, Caroline, Benton, Cindy, Shirata Improving Quality of Management Education 27-29 (2008)
  19. Knowledge Sharing and Creation in the Semiconductor Equipment Industry Tsuyoshi, Moriya, Caroline, Benton International Symposium on Semiconductor Manufacturing 2008 27-29 (2008)
  20. Facebook: Changing the Way People Connect with Relevant Social Graphing, Meso-Research Group Caroline, Benton *EMPTY* (2007)

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