CAROLINE TAN SUE LIN / Caroline, Tan Sue Lin

ビジネスサイエンス系 准教授 / Associate Professor, Faculty of Business Sciences


論文 / Publication

  1. The effect of racial diversity in advertising of luxury and masstige brands Caroline, Tan Sue Lin 25th International Conference on Corporate and Marketing Communications Proceedings (2021)
  2. The UEFA Academy: Enhancing The Beautiful Game Through Co-Creation Caroline,Tan Sue Lin Ivey Case Study (2021)
  3. Building Online Engagement and Brand Experience: The UEFA Academy Caroline,Tan Sue Lin SAGE Business Case (2021)
  4. Blue Shears: Bespoke Tailoring in the Face of the Covid-19 Pandemic Caroline,Tan Sue Lin Fashion Business Cases (Bloomsbury Publishing) (2021)
  5. B2B Organization’s LinkedIn Branding and Marketing Communications: An Exploratory Study of IT Service Companies Caroline,Tan Sue Lin Journal of Marketing Development and Competitiveness (2020)
  6. Renting the runway: A study on luxury value perception on designer bag rental. Caroline, Tan Sue Lin 2020 Atlantic Marketing Association Conference Proceedings (2020)
  7. “@Cosme: The Search For The Next Store Location Caroline,Tan Sue Lin The Case Center (2020)
  8. Ippudo: Bringing Japan To Paris In a Bowl Zhu, Y (2020)
  9. Blue Shears: Bespoke in Japan (2019)
  10. Blue Shears: Bespoke In Japan (Case Study) CAROLINE,TAN SUE LIN The Case Center (2019)

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