中田 由夫 / Nakata, Yoshio

体育系 准教授 / Associate Professor, Faculty of Health and Sport Sciences

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Do dispatcher instructions facilitate bystander-initiated cardiopulmonary resuscitation and improve outcomes in patients with out-of-hospital cardiac arrest? A comparison of family and non-family bystanders
Functional single-nucleotide polymorphisms in the secretogranin III (SCG3) gene that form secretory granules with appetite-related neuropeptides are associated with obesity
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Prevention of atrial fibrillation recurrence with corticosteroids after radiofrequency catheter ablation: A randomized controlled trial
6ヵ月間の減量支援効果はその後2年間で消失する ~身体活動量がリバウンド予防のカギ?~


論文 / Publication

  1. Sports Specialization and Sports-Related Injuries in Japanese School-Aged Children and Adolescents: A Retrospective Descriptive Study. Ryosuke Shigematsu, Shuta Katoh, Koya Suzuki, Yoshio Nakata, Hiroyuki Sasai 18 (14) (2021)
  2. Comparison between volunteer- and expert-led versions of a community-based weight-loss intervention Mizushima, Ryoko, Nakata, Yoshio, Sasai, Hiroyuki, Zuo, Xinyu, Maeda, Seiji, Tanaka, Kiyoji Preventive medicine reports 22 101370 - 101370 (2021)
  3. フィットネスクラブ新規入会者の退会に関連する心理的要因:前向きコホート研究 Kikuga, Nobumasa, Fukushima, Noritoshi, Sawada, Susumu, Matsushita, Munehiro, Gando, Yuko, Watanabe, Natsumi, Hashimoto, Yuko, Nakata, Yoshio, Inoue, Shigeru [Nihon koshu eisei zasshi] Japanese journal of public health advpub (4) 230 - 240 (2021)
  4. 「身体活動を支える8つの投資」日本語版の紹介 天笠,志保, 松下,宗洋, 田島,敬之, 香村,恵介, 中田,由夫, 小熊,祐子, 井上,茂, 岡,浩一朗 運動疫学研究 (2021)
  5. Different degree of intervention in 6-month weight-loss support and arterial stiffness: Secondary analysis of a randomized controlled trial Tanabe, Yoko, Nakata, Yoshio, Zempo-Miyaki, Asako, Hieda, Mutsuko Y, Choi, Youngju, Fujii, Naoto, Maeda, Seiji Obesity research & clinical practice 15 (1) 93 - 95 (2021)
  6. 除脂肪量は骨格筋量の鋭敏な指標か? 中田,由夫 臨床栄養 137 (7) 922 - 926 (2020)
  7. 血清コレステロールと肥痩度, 年齢, 減量, 運動習慣化との関連 中田,由夫 日本健康運動看護学会誌 1 (1) 5 - 13 (2020)
  8. 特定保健指導における運動の意義と効果的な実践 中田,由夫 臨床栄養 137 (3) 284 - 288 (2020)
  9. Music attenuates a widened central pulse pressure caused by resistance exercise: a randomized, single-blinded, sham-controlled, crossover study Tagawa, Kaname, Nakata, Yoshio, Yokota, Atsumu, Sato, Tomohito, Maeda, Seiji European journal of sport science Epub (2020)
  10. Association of abdominal fat with metabolic syndrome components in overweight women: effect of menopausal status. Shigeharu Numao, Yasutomi Katayama, Yoshio Nakata, Tomoaki Matsuo, Masaki Nakagaichi, Kiyoji Tanaka 39 (1) 12 - 12 (2020)
  11. A 2-hour single motivational lecture can promote modest weight loss: A randomized controlled trial Nakata Y, Sasai H, Tsujimoto T, Hashimoto K, Kobayashi H Obesity Facts (in press) (2020)
  12. 対象者をどのように選ぶか : フィールド調査におけるサンプリング (特集 発育発達研究における統計手法) 中田,由夫 子どもと発育発達 18 (3) 158 - 161 (2020)
  13. Associations of objectively measured physical activity and sleep with weight loss maintenance: a preliminary study of Japanese adults Wakaba K, Sasai H, Nakata Y Behavioral Sciences 10 (1) 3 (2020)
  14. 身体活動のエビデンス150 中田,由夫 健康づくり 15 (2019)
  15. Effects of Vibrotactile Feedback on Sedentary Behaviors in Adults: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial Nishimura, Makoto, Sasai, Hiroyuki, Nakata, Yoshio, Maeda, Seiji International journal of environmental research and public health 16 (23) (2019)
  16. Accuracy of 12 Wearable Devices for Estimating Physical Activity Energy Expenditure Using a Metabolic Chamber and the Doubly Labeled Water Method: Validation Study Murakami, Haruka, Kawakami, Ryoko, Nakae, Satoshi, Yamada, Yosuke, Nakata, Yoshio, Ohkawara, Kazunori, Sasai, Hiroyuki, Ishikawa-Takata, Kazuko, Tanaka, Shigeho, Miyachi, Motohiko JMIR mHealth and uHealth 7 (8) (2019)
  17. Web-based intervention to promote weight-loss maintenance using an activity monitor: A randomized controlled trial Nakata, Yoshio, Sasai, Hiroyuki, Tsujimoto, Takehiko, Hashimoto, Koichi, Kobayashi, Hiroyuki Preventive medicine reports 14 (2019)
  18. Comparison of glucose monitoring between Freestyle Libre Pro and iPro2 in patients with diabetes mellitus Kumagai, Ryo, Muramatsu, Aiko, Fujii, Masanao, Katakura, Yukino, Ito, Kei, Fujie, Keiko, Nakata, Yoshio, Hashimoto, Koichi, Yagyu, Hiroaki Journal of diabetes investigation 10 (3) 851 - 856 (2019)
  19. Olive leaf tea is beneficial for lipid metabolism in adults with prediabetes: an exploratory randomized controlled trial Araki, Risa, Fujie, Keiko, Yuine, Nanako, Watabe, Yuta, Nakata, Yoshio, Suzuki, Hiroaki, Isoda, Hiroko, Hashimoto, Koichi Nutrition research (New York, N.Y.) 67 60 - 66 (2019)
  20. 質的分析により抽出した課題を考慮した住民主導による減量支援プログラムの成果検証 水島 諒子, 笹井 浩行, 中田, 由夫, 前田 清司, 田中喜代次 健康支援 21 (1) 29 - 37 (2019)

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