URA symposium and research meeting will be held in Hokkaido University on 17-18th September, 2014.

For more detail, see (http://mvs.cris.hokudai.ac.jp/ura_sympo/index.html)(Japanese only)

In order to create a support system for research achievement based on proper understanding of the research capabilities of faculty, University of Tsukuba is trying to develop a new research evaluation system, especially for areas less likely to be evaluated in usual university rankings.

“Snowball Metrics” is one of the most attracting candidate for evaluation index of Humanities and Social Sciences. This time, professor Jun Ikeda, chief advisor to the president, was appearing in Snowball Metrics Recipe Book 2nd edition (see p.27).


URAs are really proud that we were able to support this project.

Tsukuba Global Science Week 2014 website is now open!

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http://ura.sec.tsukuba.ac.jp/TGSW2014/ TGSW2014 poster