URAs attended the AAAS2014 and publicized University of Tsukuba by poster and oral presentation.


University of Chicago is selected as the 9th in THE World University Rankings. We have inquired their research supporting system and also discussed about URA’s developing system. 

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<<Tsukuba URA Training/Education Program>>
  Participated in GRIPS University Benchmarking Seminar(the latter term)(December 18, 2013)
 【Member comment】
   ”Class discussion was held on questions from the participants based on class assignments.
It was a good opportunity to share thoughts with other participants.”

*Attended TIA-nano Open Symposium
 【Member comment】
  ”Latest research findings of TIA-nano (Tsukuba Innovation Arena for Nanotechnology) and their future prospects were presented.
  They reported research results that are commercialized through industrial development as well as basic research findings. There was an aspirational comment to raise profile of “Tsukuba” as center of cutting-edge researches.”

*Participated in Elservier Japan Co. 2nd SciVal Users Conference (December 13, 2014)
  【Member comment】
   ”Obtained deeper understanding of contents of Scopus by learning new version of SciVal.
   Useful tool for research analysis to provide Strategic Research Team with the information.”

*Held the Third URA Forum (December 10 2013)
  at the International Conference Room, The University of Tsukuba Daigaku Kaikan
Forum flyer
  【Member comment】
   ”We had a very productive discussion on our URA system, receiving objective opinions from attendees of Tokyo University and Tokyo University of Agricuture and Technology, which possess widely different type of URA systems.”

Participated in JEUPISTE (Japan-EU Partnership in Innovation, Science and Technology) Project Launch Seminar (December 6, 2013)

*Visited Norwich Research Park, Adapt, University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom
   (December 3~12, 2013)
  【Member comment】
    Two major objectives of this UK trip were to enhance international collaboration, and to on-site review of their research evaluation activities.
    We have collected information on their system called “research intelligence”, which collect, accumulate and analyze information related to research input/output such as research call guildelines, research papers, press release, and patent that are accumulated in and out of university, and utilize it for research initiative proposals.
   Referring to this information we collected, we would like to build an information system useful for research activities at the University of Tsukuba.