Article featuring University of Tsukuba was released on March 28, 2014.

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Science Magazine 28 March 2014 pp.1526-7.

Visit UK


Executive Advisor to the President and a URA visited Imperial College London, University of Birmingham, British Academy and University of Cambridge in UK. We have inquired their research performance in the arts and humanities, and also research supporting system. 
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U Tsukuba is going to sign a new agreement with the University of East Anglia  to promote friendship and co-operation in March.  In commemoration of this agreement, U Tsukuba will hold the Kickoff Symposium for Tsukuba-Norwich Collaborative Research Networks.


Date and Time: 14 March 2014 ,13:00
Venue: Laboratory of Advanced Research A, Room 110, University of Tsukuba
Symposium: No prior registration required
Banquet: Please e-mail at “yasumura.yuki.gnun.tsukuba.ac.jp” to register by March 6th 2014.


More detailed information is available in the leaflet

*Norwich Research Park is a partnership between the University of East Anglia and four world-renowned research institutes including John Innes Centre and The Sainsbury Laboratory, located in England, UK.