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Visited National Taiwan University



On February 21, 2014, the University of Tsukuba President, Kyosuke Nagata and 42 members of faculty and staff attended the 1st National Taiwan University and University of Tsukuba Joint Faculty Conference as one of the activities to encourage further international collaborative research.

At National Taiwan University in Taipei, over 200 faculties, staff and students participated including Taiwan University President Pan-Chyr. The conference was consisted with two parts of plenary session and section meetings. At the plenary session both universities discussed the educational system, followed by presentations of their research. On the day two, there were section meetings of different fields of Humanities, Social Sciences, Life & Agriculture Sciences, Medicine and Global Health, and Nursing.

台湾②-3 台湾③-3 台湾④-3
      Participants                 Left: President Nagata                          Vice President Ae introducing educational system
             Right: President Pan-Chyr Yang    
台湾⑤-3 台湾⑥-3  台湾⑦-3
       Prof. Sankai                         Visiting Intel-NTU Connecter Conteext Computing Center     Prof. Watanabe
  presenting medical robot HAL                      4th right : Vice President Miake                         talking about algal biomass
                                                4th left:Director Jene Hsu


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