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TGSW2014 sessions were released on Youtube


In TGSW2014, we have done niconico live broadcast. Movies of some sessions that had participated in this project were released on Youtube.

In “Optimization and Design of Medical Services” movie, you can see lecture of Dr. Oto who succeeded world’s first transplant surgery from mother to son (2 years and 9 months old) at Okayama University Hospital. In “Japan and the World after 3 11” movie, you can see lecture of Dr. Iokibe who is the chairman of the Reconstruction Design Council in response to the Great East Japan Earthquake, and lecture of Dr. Kurokawa who chaired Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission by the National Diet of Japan (2011.12-2012.7)


  •  Opening Session Global Initiatives in Higher Education and Research

  • Optimization and Design of Medical Services

  • Japan and the World after 3 11

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