What’s on URA activities

Tsukuba URA will give a leture.


November 16
Hitotsubashi Hall, National Center of Sciences Building

Lecture 4
Dr. Yukihito Morimoto

A feature article on “iMD” which President’s Office Chief of Staff Professor Dr. Jun Ikeda (Professor of faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences) and Research Administrator Dr. Yukihito Morimoto attended was posted on October 12 Ikenkoron.



The 8th Research Strategy Lecture will be held at the University of Tsukuba on Friday October 19.
We will invite Mr. Toru Namiki Advisor, Institute of Applied Energy.

No fee or registration is required, so please feel free to join!

「科学技術交流のHUB拠点の構築―つくばへの期待―環境エネルギー 課題への挑戦」第8回研究戦略講演会(2018.10.19)