What’s on URA activities

To promote collaborative researches between TGSW visitors, Research Administrators at University of Tsukuba organize a poster exhibition in which presenters anonymously post their own research skills, research topics, and/or hurdles to overcome in a three questions format.

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9/25-29: 分野横断 匿名研究者マッチングイベント – 私の研究はこんな感じです

A number of events for researchers, such as research ethics symposium or KAKENHI seminar, are held in University of Tsukuba. We have opened “COTRE Channel” in manaba where you can find movies and documents of such events.
How to register yourself for “COTRE Channel” (members only)

URA members reported their overseas business trip at the open briefing session.

 1) Publicized University of Tsukuba in AAAS 2015
 2) Visit Stanford University
 3) Attended at “Research Management Intensive”
 4) RU11; overseas investigation

Date: March, 27, 2015

briefing session