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October 2013 Activity Report


<<Tsukuba URA Training/Education Program>> 
  Participated in Rcus (Research Center for University Studies, University of Tsukuba) Certificate Program “University Management Lecture”(October 26, 2013)
  ◎University Related Laws I : Lectured by Hiroshi Matsuzaka (MEXT)
  【Member comment】
I had preconceived idea of “Laws”, however, the expositions of lecture were helpful to relate to them, and realize how they are defining our daily operations.
  ◎University Related Laws II : Lectured by Hiroshi Matsuzaka (MEXT)
  【Member comment】
   As URAs, we tend to focus on streamlining research environment, however, we also need to be aware of problems in areas such as educational curriculums and administrative organizations in the university to support researchers who are also faculties.  On this matter, it used to be unclear which parts are modifiable by university authority, but this lecture taught me it is most important to start with learning the laws and ordinances.
  ◎Introduction to University Management III : Lectured by Hiromichi Yoshitake
  【Member comment】
   It was a very meaningful time to have discussions face to face with former president of the university.  I was able to have a valuable time to see my job afresh.

*Held the Second Reading Meeting. (October 24, 2013)

<<Tsukuba URA Training/Education Program>>
 Participated in “Genetic Resource Access Workshop” (October 23, 2013)

*Participated in CITI related lecture meeting. (October 22, 2013)
Member comment
  I fully support the concepts of access to genetic resources overseas and the fairness of the benefit sharing.  However, I am concerned about all the restriction standards and processes varied by countries might make it difficult for each research organization to handle when Nagoya Protocol is issued. 

<<Tsukuba URA Training/Eduction Program>>
 Participated in Rcus Certificate Program “University Management Lecture” (October 19, 2013)
 ◎Diversity I : Lectured by Yumi Ennyu

 ◎University Staff Theory : Lectured by Tsuyoshi Kato
 【Member comment】
  It was impressive how university staff and faculties of university research center collaborate to boost the “University Management Lecture”.

 ◎Mental Health of University Students : Lectured by Chiyoko Uchida
 【Member comment】
  Learned that university staff have important part to keep tabs on students’ mental state complementary with their co-researchers. It also reminded me of the importance of sensitivity on mental state of staff in a work environment like URA, which is new and unstable.

University of Tsukuba Senior URA Tomoki Nikaido lectured at Society of Management of Intellectual Properties (October 12, 2013)
 ”Now and Then of Innovation Support ~Where is URA headed?~”

  Smips (Society of Management of Intellectual Properties)

<<Tsukuba URA Training/Education Program>>
  Participated in Rcus Certificate Program “University Management Lecture” (October 12, 2013)
  ◎University PR III : Lectured by Shinichiro Yokoyama
  【Member comment】
    The purpose of University PR is not exploitation, but information disclosure to the public, thus all kinds of information should be disclosed, however, depending on the techniques how to showcase the information, positive impression can be enhanced.
   ◎Advanced University Management IV : Lectured by Harumasa Miura
  ◎Advanced University Management X : Lectured by Susumu Nemoto
  【Member comment】
   Lecture was about operations and human resource development of Instruction Office Support Promotion Project at Waseda University. Reminded me of the importance of continuous accumulation of operational know-hows at URA office.

Participated in BioJapan 2013 (Pacifico Yokohama)(October 10~11, 2013)
【Member comment】
  Festival of Biology. Took a peek inside of biology and biotechnology world spreading beyond academic society, even overseas. 

<<Tsukuba URA Training/Education Program>>
  Participated in British Counsil Symposium (October 9, 2013)
  UK-Japan Higher Education Symposium
“The Relationship between Public Engagement, Research Impact and the Innovation Process”

  Symposium “Public Engagement and Research Impact”
  【Member comment】
   Learned details about new and advanced research evaluation method in the U.K. They evaluate research with “impact” which includes all the social influence factors, not only number of papers, citation count, and publications.


<<Tsukuba URA Training/Education Program>>
 Participated in Rcus Certificate Program “University Management Lecture” (October 5, 2013)
  ◎University Management Human Resources III : Lectured by Michiyo Uesugi
  【Member comment】
  They talked about approaches conducted for management reforms at Tokyo Univesity. Learned the characteristics of university management and how they have been changing it at Tokyo University. 
  ◎Career Support II : Lectured by Masayuki Kakuhou
  ◎Advanced University Management XII : Lectured by Hiromichi Yoshitake
  【Member comment】
 In order to form the concept of university’s future vision, it is important that faculties and staff have mutual respect and share more specific goals.

<<Tsukuba URA Training/Education Program>>
 Participated in Rcus Certificate Program “University Management Seminar”(October 2013)
  ◎October 2, 2013  “Recruitment in Universities and Higher Education” Lecturer: Masayuki Kakuhou
  【Member comment】
  Now and then of “Industry/University Relationships”.
  In order for Japanese youth to strive globally, higher education needs to be reformed to foster human resources demanded “worldwide”, not only by “corporations”.

  ◎October 8, 2013 “Future universities and agenda for reformation” Lecturer : Motoyuki Ono
  ◎October 16, 2013 “At the site of university reformation” Lecturer : Michiyo Uesugi & Kei  Hirakawa
  ◎October 23, 2013 “Structual transitions of universities post-war ” Lecturer : Motohisa Kaneko
  ◎October 30, 2013 “38 years of life in university” Lecturer : Yoshinori Murakami
  【Member comment】
   Thought the activities of voluntary seminar “UNIVERSITA study group” that were held 128 times in 1970 through 1979 were remarkable.  In these seminars they studied mainly about roles of university staff.
    The job category of URA is currently loosely-defined, not only in University of Tsukuba but nationally. We need to work on defining what URA is, by continuing voluntarily held URA study groups.

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