U Tsukuba is going to sign a new agreement with the University of East Anglia  to promote friendship and co-operation in March.  In commemoration of this agreement, U Tsukuba will hold the Kickoff Symposium for Tsukuba-Norwich Collaborative Research Networks.


Date and Time: 14 March 2014 ,13:00
Venue: Laboratory of Advanced Research A, Room 110, University of Tsukuba
Symposium: No prior registration required
Banquet: Please e-mail at “” to register by March 6th 2014.


More detailed information is available in the leaflet

*Norwich Research Park is a partnership between the University of East Anglia and four world-renowned research institutes including John Innes Centre and The Sainsbury Laboratory, located in England, UK.

URA held their first Kakenhi, or grants-in-aid for scientific researches, seminar for non-Japanese researchers.

More than 30 researchers attended the seminar and had an active exchange of opinions on Kekenhi’s basics and shared tips on successful applications.

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The Research Administrators Office at the University of Tsukuba, plans to hold a Kakenhi (funding for scientific researches) explanatory seminar for non-Japanese researchers atttending the University of Tsukuba. This seminar will offer sufficient instructions on how to be well-prepared for his/her applications for a Kakenhi grant.

Kakenhi is one of the most fundamental governmental research grants which sponsors wide research areas ranging from natural sciences to social sciences.  Kakenhi opens doors to researchers from any country. Its sponsors (JPSP and MEXT) provide informative English web pages for foreign researchers.  However, compared to the existing Japanese sources of Kakenhi information available in written materials or explanatory seminars, English sources of Kakenhi information are still very limited.  To fill in the gap, the Research Administrators Office will explain the basics of Kakenhi and offer useful tips on what to write, how to write them, and how the applications to be reviewed in this seminar.  Please feel free to join the seminar.



Time and Date 13:30-14:30, Thursday, September 19, 2013

Place                  6th floor meeting room, Honbuto

Contact              Hideyuki Câteau Kato, Senior URA

                            Research Administration office


                            phone:  029-853-4434


 presentation material is here (sorry only U Tsukuba members)