Activities promoting researches

We have completed our first Research Unit Magazine, a booklet introducing multi-disciplinary research teams certified by University of Tsukuba.

Vol.1 introduces 55 interdisciplinary research units. The articles are written by URA members personally visiting unit representatives for interviews with the cooperation of Technology Transfer Managers.

Click below for PDF files (Japanese)(8MB)


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A URA member participated in 2013 NISTEP (National Institute of Science and Technology Policy) Workshop (TEITEN survey). Active discussion took place about status of research environment from perspectives of “young researchers” and “how to secure time for research”.

PDF file of report (Japanese only)

Visit UK


Executive Advisor to the President and a URA visited Imperial College London, University of Birmingham, British Academy and University of Cambridge in UK. We have inquired their research performance in the arts and humanities, and also research supporting system. 
Imperial College London_20140303 Birmingham_20140304 British Academy_20140304 Cambridge_20140305