About Tsukuba URA

What’s URA?



Our university was selected by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) to modernize the research administration system. Having been awarded the governmental start-up grants for facilitating international hub for research, our university opened the office called “Research Administration Office” (from July 2012).

What is Unique about Tsukuba URA?

URA Research Administration/Management Office at the University of Tsukuba is positioned directly under the Vice President of Research.
Through close network of URAs (and related positions) at each department and agency, not only individual internal projects but also research strategy and research support for the overall University will be handled.

Characteristic 1) Stable and strong URA structure

A URA at the University of Tsukuba is hired as a clerical position (with mandatory retirement system) to ensure stability of employment equivalent to existing clerical positions. Therefore, the organization and resources of URAs can be brought to maturity on a long-term basis and at the same time job functions and organizational positioning are clarified.

Characteristic 2) Development of URA positions by utilizing the skills of people with duties relating to URA’s at maximum

Not only individual internal projects but also research strategy and research support for the overall University will be handled through close affiliation with existing duties relating to URA’s as a key to establishment of URAs within the University.

Characteristic 3) Understanding of existing clerical duties by URAs

Effective and realistic service is provided in consideration of views of both applicants and people who handle applications, when a URA who has an experience in applying for a grant handles application documents.

Characteristic 4) Streamlining of Tsukuba URA community

For individual internal projects as well as research strategy and research support for the overall University, URAs in the main office (in charge of overall control of the research support system and training of URAs) and URAs assigned to various research departments work closely to ultimately support researchers through the Tsukuba URA community.

Characteristic 5) Career path for URAs at the University of Tsukuba

By establishing the job description of the best suited URAs for the University of Tsukuba and continuously refining the description, the URA candidate is assumed to gradually form a career of URA→Senior URA→Chief URA→Division/Department Manager, through which strong organizational foundation will be realized. For this purpose, we are developing a training program and standard of performance evaluation (hiring and promotion) as a guideline on job promotion.

About Research Administrator

Research Administration/Management Office at U Tsukuba TEL 029-853-4434