Oliver Busch

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3. Measurement of jet suppression in central Pb-Pb collisions at sqrt(sNN) = 2.76 TeV

Phys. Lett. B arXiv:1502.01689, (accepted), 2015.

ALICE collaboration

2. Charged jet cross sections and properties in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s}$=7 TeV

Phys. Rev. D arxiv:1411.4969 [nucl-ex], (accepted), 2015.

ALICE collaboration

1. Profiling jets with ALICE

CERN Courier Vol.55, No.1, http://cerncourier.com/cws/article/cern/59927, 2015.

O. Busch for the ALICE collaboration



1. Jet Physics with ALICE

Annual Meeting of the German Physical Society, March 2015 (Invited plenary talk)



1. Jet Fragmentation in pp and Pb-Pb

ALICE jet worshop 2015, Yale University, May 2015

2. Jet Physics with ALICE: from LHC run 1 to LHC run 2

Mini-workshop on jet physics in ALICE at LHC Run2, Wuhan, April 2015

3. Jet Physics with ALICE

1st CiRfSE workshop, Tsukuba, March 2015